Business areas

Norwegian publications

The business area DN consists of Norway’s largest business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and the website.

Global publications

The NHST Media Group publishes global publications for the shipping, oil and gas, aquaculture and fisheries and renewable energy industries.


Mynewsdesk encompasses the Group's services within distribution of corporate information to the market.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

NHST Media Group AS (NHST) is an unlisted company, but transactions made through stock brokers are quoted at the NOTC list ( The market value of the shares is published on the NOTC list each day. The share is freely negotiable, but there is very limited turnover in the stock.

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Quarterly report 2021 Q2




NHST publishes the latest news about the group using the PR platform for Mynewsdesk.

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NHST Media Group - changes in the coporate structure 


NHST Media Group AS - annual general meeting

The annual general meeting of NHST Media Group AS was held on July 6. The annual accounts for 2020 were approved by the general assembly. 

The general assembly also resolved to prolong the authorization given to the board of Directors to purchase treasury stock within 10% of the share capital, and to issue new shares, also up to 10% of the share capital. The authorizations were given until the annual general meeting of 2022.

The shareholder elected Board members Anette Olsen, Anne Britt Berentsen and Patrik Hofbauer were
re-elected to the Board for a period of two years.

Furthermore, James Lamont and Christian Must were elected as Board members with a service period from August 1, 2021 to the annual general meeting in 2023.
Anette Olsen and Christian Must were re-elected as members of the nomination committee.

Quarterly report 2021 Q2