NHST Media Group Business areas

The NHST Group has three business segments,  two coming from traditional media and business journalism, while last focus on Software-as-a-Service products for PR and media monitoring.


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The business area DN consists of Norway’s largest business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and the DN.no website.

Dagens Næringsliv

DN is Norway's largest business newspaper that follows the key players and companies in the financial and business sectors.

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Mynewsdesk encompasses the Group's services within distribution of corporate information to the market.


Mynewsdesk is a pioneer in the development of Web-based PR channels for both the mass media and social media.

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Mynewsdesk Technology

The company offers media monitoring of both traditional media and new social media.

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Mention is a Paris based company which offer a global product that lets the user scour the web, social media and more for powerful market insights. By monitoring the web, social media, forums, and blogs users can learn more about their brand, product or industry, live from anywhere.

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Energy includes the group's news publications covering the energy area globally and nationally.

The weekly newspaper Upstream is the world's leading paid-for oil and gas industry publication.

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Recharge is an important provider of news in the field of renewable energy, and is increasingly recognized in many countries around the globe. 

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Europower AS

Europower AS provides quality news and market analysis to players in and around the power and energy industries.

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The seafood area includes news publications that cover fisheries, aquaculture and seafood internationally and in Norway.

Intrafish Media

Intrafish Media publications will provide the best information for the seafood, fish farming and the fishing industry worldwide.

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Fiskeribladet is Norway's largest newsprovider for fisheries and aquaculture, and is published Monday, Wednesday and Friday on paper, as well as daily online on fiskeribladet.no. We cover the entire Norwegian coast with news related to fishery, aquaculture and coastal industries, as well as the marine environment and climate. We also cover fishery news from the other Nordic countries, as well as Russia and the main seafood markets of the world.

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TradeWinds is the world’s best selling shipping news provider.

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